Five years ago we had an idea when several of our team members and customers were looking for a strong, light, good-looking, easily serviced and reasonably priced wheelset. Most customers who buy bikes are often put off by the factory wheels that come with their new machines. These wheels are often very heavy and unattractive, and fail to offer the stiffness and performance riders need to compete. Wheels can make or break the ride quality of a bike. As a retail shop we thought it could be done better, we could provide wheels (at a reasonable price) that would make all of the characteristics of their new bike feel as good as possible. We thought it would be easy to find wheels that met these demands. What seemed reasonable proved to be extremely difficult.

Bike racers have many different demands when it comes to what they are looking for with a wheelset. Weight, durability and serviceability all rank high on the list for most. These individuals often ride high mileage in all sorts of weather. They are used to high-end components and are not looking for comprises when it comes to performance.

Commonly, wheel companies use proprietary bearings, spokes, and nipples to help make their wheels unique, but not necessarily better. These specialty parts are extremely expensive, something most consumers don’t think about when buying a wheelset. Furthermore, typical high-end wheels often need special tools or parts when they need to be serviced. Not every bike shop has the special inventory available to them to repair or in some cases even tune all wheels. In some situations companies require you to send in the product to be serviced, making the customer wait – a word no racer wants to hear.

We wanted to bring together wheel components that meet our exacting standards while still being easy to service. After looking around and not being able to find what we wanted we decided to start building wheels in-house that could accommodate the demands of the riders and be easily serviceable for us as a bike shop.

We Have created a full line of wheelsets that meet all the demands we envision: Strong. Aero. Serviceable. Comfortable. Beautiful.


ProRace 46.C Front – EliteRace 66.C Rear


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